Tangshan Burak

Buffet Fuels, Table Lamps, Liquid Wax, Cartridges

Private Branding

Use TBHS products to promote your business. Our expertise in chafing fuel design will expand and extend your current product range. Imagine, all those cans out there promoting your brand. With TBHS’ ability to customise products, the brand that you have already invested time and money into can now be working for you on daily basis.

Private branding advantages:

  • Walking billboard without the billboard rates
  • Continual marketing of your brand every time a can is picked up
  • Your logo on each can
  • This high turnover item means you have millions of opportunities to get your brand out into the marketplace
  • Reinforcing your company image/brand at no extra charge

Case Study:

Oz Tableware in Australia have been selling, marketing and distributing their Oz Heat and Prime Heat brand now for over 15 years. This brand is now the chafing fuel of choice in the majority of 5 star hotel groups in Australia.

They have had great success in getting their brand out into the market. The Oz Heat brand is now requested on all corners of the globe due to the success in Australia.