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Oz Heat Prime Heat Pad Chafing Fuel

When Safety and Temperature are your Prime Concern

Look no further than Prime Heat for that extra high temperature with all the safety a chafing fuel could need.

Features and Benefits of the Prime Heat Pad Chafing Fuel include:

  • Higher Temperature over Wick products
  • Odourless Oil
  • Non Spill
  • Recycled Cans
  • Recycled Cartons
  • 100% Fuel Usage
  • Resealable
  • Non Flammable
  • Container Stays Cool
  • Visible Flame
  • Does not Evaporate
  • No Storage, Insurance or Transport Restrictions
  • Ideal for Outdoor Use

Higher Temperature

Prime Heat has an average 10% increase in temperature over fibreglass wicks.


The fuel used is 100% odourless meaning that there are no toxic smells competing with thearoma of your food.


Prime Heat’s efficient pad design means that the unit will not spill or leak if the unit is knocked over

Recycled Cans

The high quality tin plate used to manufacture our cans is made from recycled material

Cans can be Recycled

The cans can be recycled as long as the pad inside has been removed.  A small ask for a big result.

Recycled Packaging

Our cartons are all made from Recycled Material and can be recycled.

Economical100% Fuel Usage

PRIME HEAT’s efficient pad design can be re-lit and used time and time again giving you 100% fuel usage preventing wastage and giving you value for money.

Resealable & easy to open

Prime Heat has a plastic plug with a convenient lever that is easier to open and re-seal

Non flammable

When tested under Australian standards using the open cup method NO FLASH POINT  was determined making Prime Heat the safest food heating fuel alternative. All other food heating fuels are combustible or flammable.

Container Stays Cool

When alight, the container does not become too hot to touch. Thus avoiding accidents, burn injuries and time loss due to injury.

Visible Flame

Flame burns with a blue/red tint making it easily visible preventing accidents.

Does Not Evaporate

If left uncapped, PRIME HEAT Buffet Fuel will not evaporate like alcohol based fuels.

No Storage or Transport Restrictions

Unlike flammable gel and alcohol based fuels which must be stored in a special ‘Dangerous Goods’ area, PRIME HEAT Buffet Fuel is a non-hazardous food heating fuel allowing it to be stored in any location cutting down your insurance premium and freight costs.

Ideal for Outdoor Use

Prime Heat’s unique pad design means this product is ideal for outdoor use

AVAILABLE IN  4hr / 6hr.