Tangshan Burak

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Fondue Burner

The First Ever Non Flammable Fondue Burner Fuel in the World

It Is Not Every Day You Have the Opportunity to Buy a Brand New, Safe Alternative to What Is Currently Being Sold All over the World.

The Product Features and Benefits Include:

  • Non Flammable Fuel / Classified As General Cargo
  • Resealable / Reusable / Relightable to 2Hrs Per Burner
  • No Messy Pouring Flammable Fuel
  • No Mess / Easy to Use
  • 100% Fuel Usage
  • Flame Control / Extinguisher
  • Inexpensive
  • No Shipping / Transport / Storage Restrictions
  • Simple to Use, Open and Light
  • No Cleaning up After Use, Just Seal and Put Away for Next Use.

The First Ever Non Flammable / Non Dangerous Replacement to Flammable Fondue Gels.

Available in 2Hr